A Made in Italy project for the energy transition in Europe

In Teverola (CE), the subsidiary FIB S.p.A. has built and started up the first plant in Italy for the production of li-on cells, modules and lithium batteries, and the first in Europe by European companies, as part of the reindustrialization project of the former Indesit (Whirlpool) industrial area.

The new plant has an initial installed capacity of about 330 MWh/year of li-on electric accumulators for Motive Power, Naval, Military and Storage (ESS) applications, and has been designed to be expanded over time according to market demand.
FIB, repeating what has already been done for lead-acid batteries, intends to control the entire supply chain of the production of electric accumulators, manufacturing all the components of the battery: anode and cathode, cell assembly, cell formation, module assembly and battery packs. It also produces the BMS (Battery Management System) internally, which makes it possible to manage and control the accumulator and communicate with any connected equipment.

The European Commission, within the program called IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) has approved a facility for a total amount of Euro 3.2 billion in favour of 17 companies operating in the following European countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

The Project (Investment Programme) of the subsidiary FIB, presented in February 2019, was examined by the Ministry of Economic Development and the EC and was considered innovative and consistent with the objectives of the Project.

The IPCEI Project is part of the policies aimed at encouraging the energy and ecological transition, providing incentives for electric mobility and reducing emissions, as a strategic objective for Europe.

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The energy transition to electric mobility

The project is part of the energy transition to electric mobility and emission reduction, which is a highly strategic objective for Europe and requires an extraordinary effort to develop advanced technologies and autonomous European production chains. The project also is also enabling the development of technologies for the recycling of end-of-life batteries, in compliance with the principles of the Green Economy and Circular Economy.

FIB, as it has already done for lead-acid technology, produces all the components of lithium accumulators, controlling the entire production chain: anode and cathode, cell assembly, modules and lithium accumulators, and also produces the electronics for the BMS, which allows the management and control of the accumulator.

Starting with the recovery of active material and exhausted batteries, and thanks to the fully integrated supply chain, including the BMS electronics, a safe and innovative product can be brought to market, able to guarantee a superior performance by adapting to every customers' needs.

330 MWh/year of lithium accumulators for customized applications

FIB offers to the market integrated solutions allowing a total control over the performance of the accumulator and customizing it to the customer's needs and produces high performance lithium accumulators for tailor-made applications.

The company has improved the performance of the cells, compared to the initial project, and is very satisfied with the work carried out by its technicians who designed and managed, in-house, with the help of leading international suppliers, the construction of the plant.

Teverola 1 - Tailor Made applications

Capacity: 330 MWh/year

Technology: LFP Soft Pouch (50 Ah) High energy density applications with integrated BMS

62 M€ investment

Applications: Motive Power, ESS, Public Transport, Marine and Defense

A Mediterranean Gigafactory - 8GWh/year of lithium cells, modules and batteries

Teverola 2 - Mediterranean Gigafactory

Project timesheet: 2021-2027

Industrial Deployment: 2021-2023

R&D: 2021-2027

Capacity: 7-8 GWh/year

Technology: Gen 3b and 4 (Solid State)

505 M€ of investment (IPCEI Project)

Treatment of battery in the recycling pilot line: 50 ton/day

Applications: Motive Power, Storage, Automotive, Public Transport, Marine and Defense

European Commission

EU green light for integrated battery project in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Sweden

State aid: the Commission approves public support of €3.2 billion from seven Member States for a pan-European research and innovation project across all segments of the battery value chain.

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We are hiring!

We are looking for dynamic professionals who wants to take part in one of the most important projects in the European’s transition to sustainability.

FAAM Research Center, the Group R&D company active in the development of innovative li-ion and post li-ion technologies, is looking for people who wants things make change.

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