Whistleblowing Management

The Company is committed to acting with honesty and integrity, in compliance with the law and the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics. Nevertheless, it may happen that some behaviors are in conflict with the law, regulations, Authority provisions, internal regulations, the Ethical Code and/or the Organization, Management and Control Model. Therefore, the Company has introduced communication channels through which it is possible to report risk situations that could cause damage and result in irregularities. The adopted system makes it possible to manage the reports received by Seri Industrial S.p.A., and its main subsidiaries, also anonymously.

The reporting system ensures the receipt, analysis and handling of reports, even in confidential form, forwarded by anyone operating within the organization as well as by third parties such as: customers, suppliers, consultants, staff, shareholders of the company, each within the scope of their functions and responsibilities. These are reports concerning conduct, carried out by people working within the company, as well as other third parties (customers, suppliers, consultants, staff, partners, etc.) in business relations with Seri Industrial S.p.A. and/or its subsidiaries.

Non-retaliation policy

Seri Industrial pursues the maintenance of the highest ethical standards to ensure, in compliance with Italian and international regulations, a work environment free of inappropriate or illegal behavior that encourages employees and/or contractors to share their concerns with the company without any fear of retaliation. As a result, Seri Industrial repudiates any retaliatory action against any employee, former employee, consultants, collaborators or third party who has disclosed his or her identity in providing assistance to the Supervisory Board in carrying out investigations pertaining to suspected violations of the Code of Ethics, the Company's Organization, Management and Control Model, as well as company policies or the law. Only in case the reports are unfounded, in that they are made for the proven purpose of harming or causing prejudice to others, Seri Industrial is committed to act promptly, including, where possible, at the disciplinary level.

How to make a report?

Analysis and management of whistleblowing reports


Your reports will be received by the 231 Supervisory Board.


The 231 Supervisory Board will analyze your reports.


Your reports will be handled with the strictest confidentiality.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The strictest confidentiality about the subjects and facts reported, as well as the anonymity of whistleblowers, shall be guaranteed so that the person making the report is not subject to any form of retaliation.

For a summary guidance including instructions on how to make a Whistleblowing Reports, see the attached documentation.

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